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Dianne truly speaks from her heart. It is motivational, heartfelt, funny and enlightening. This book will open up your journey to living life to the find your purpose and awaken to the beauty and love that surrounds you. This is a treasure you will want to read many times over! - Cindy Wallach

Little Awakenings by Dianne Rozon-Poznanovic

Little Awakenings

A well-curated collection of photos, inspirational thoughts and life experiences by Dianne Rozon-Poznanovic.

$20.00 CAD

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Inspirational Cards & Photos

Choose from Dianne's assortment of inspiration and photos.

Cards are $5.00 CAD and available in 5x7.

Photos are $24.00 CAD and available in 8x10.

Custom sizes are also available!

Book Sample
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Little Awakenings Sample

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