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About Me

Dianne was born into a French Canadian family and was the eldest of five children. Her father worked on the railroad, which meant the family had to relocate every two to three years. Each move meant leaving behind her friends and community. With all those changes, books and writing become a way to express what was happening in her life. Journaling became a source of comfort to her and while doing this, she discovered the wonderful world of imagination.

Dianne began photography in her early teens. Words and photos were a way to express the beauty around her and document her inner journey. She discovered the pain and joy of growing as a young woman while learning life’s lessons. Her love of taking pictures taught her that images paint a thousand words. She began to combine her love of writing with photos to create her stories.


Today, Dianne frequently walks through the woods capturing nature’s sights and perfection. The amazement of beauty is everywhere she turns, whether it is one of nature’s creatures or the lovely forests, plants and flowers.  Through her lens, she was able to capture the pure essence of beauty in its natural surroundings.

Over the years, Dianne’s inner beauty began to shine its light and she began to express her intimate thoughts and insights on paper. As Dianne explored nature, she discovered it reflected her life, and this began her storytelling journey. 

It is Dianne’s hope that you will join her on her path of life and discovery, seeing the world through a different lens. Through her book, Little Awakenings, you will be guided, as she was, to see the world anew!

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