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Little Awakenings

"Love of nature and growing as a human can be integrated and captured in this complex journey of living life to its fullest. Nature's beauty and simplicity reflect our lives and can reveal the lessons and similarities to our own growth and transformation. It is my hope that this book awakens moments on your journey through out your life"! - Dianne Rozon-Poznanovic

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Author and Photographer announcing her new book.

Dianne was born into a French Canadian family and was the eldest of five children. Her father worked on the railroad, which meant the family had to relocate every two to three years. Each move meant leaving behind her friends and community. With all those changes, books and writing become a way to express what was happening in her life. Journaling became a source of comfort to her and while doing this, she discovered the wonderful world of imagination. Through her book Little Awakenings, you will be guided, as she was, to see the world anew!

The Author

Dianne Rozon-Posnanovic

Dianne Rozon-Poznanovic

Author, Photographer

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What People Are Saying

Little Awakenings is a compilation of beautiful thoughts and life experiences that will take you on an inspiring journey we can all relate to. The author truly speaks from her heart. It is motivational, heartfelt, funny and enlightening. This book will open up your journey to living life to the find your purpose and awaken to the beauty and love that surrounds you. This is a treasure you will want to read many times over!
Cindy Wallach

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